FIFA 21 Crossing Guide - How to cross in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Crossing Guide - How to cross in FIFA 21

Crossing. Something that has had his glory days back in the early FIFA days and has fallen off a cliff ever since.

However, crossing is back to being decent in FIFA 21. Especially if you compare it to previous FIFA editions. We’ve seen the crazy El Tornado and flick up crosses, but now crossing seems balanced.

However, there might be one really overpowered cross here. We will get into that later on. Let’s dive right into it!

Regular Cross

First of all, we’re starting off with a regular cross. The traditional cross is kind of random this year. Sometimes it works perfectly, the other time it does not. It’s decent in situation where you are 2-on-1 and you’re not in a great position to just use a pass because the defender covers it. Use one or two bars of power and you’re good to reach the striker.

Lofted Cross

Up next is the lofted cross. The word says it all. It’s a cross that is played high up in the air. It’s triggered by using the L1-button while crossing. The remarkable thing is that this allows your attacker to have an aerial duel with the defender. Because of that, this cross works wonders when you are running a tall line-up, especially with someone like Cristiano Ronaldo. 

TIP - Use this aimed at the back-post, so multiple bars of power. 

Early Cross

This is the overpowered one we were talking about earlier. For this one to work well, you will have to turn on cross assistance in your controller settings menu. This is very important. Without turning that on, these won’t work. It’s really easy to benefit from using the assisted crossing.

The unique thing is that this cross allows you to reach a striker when he’s a little ahead of the defender. The ball is played in front of the attacker, giving him an easy shot.

Low Cross

Another version of the early cross; the ground driven cross, also known as the low cross. Perform this by pressing R1 and double-tapping square. This one is easier for the attacker to finish, compared to the early cross. There’s not a lot of specific situations where this will always work, so try and grind on this one in skill games. Get the hang of it and take it online.

Whipped Cross

Last but not least, there’s a new cross in FIFA 21. Not a lot to say about this, as almost no competitive player uses this one. It’s dodgy and can not be relied upon. This cross is performed by using L1 and R1 while crossing and will result in the attacker getting the ball on chest/knee height.

FUN FACT - This is a great cross if you’re looking to score beautiful goals. Bicycle kicks, special kicks etc.


That’s it for this guide. We hope you enjoyed the crossing guide, and we hope that you come back for some more tutorials on our YouTube or on our website. If you want to check out examples of all of the crosses, make sure to check out the video on top of this page.

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