FIFA Coaching - Three Steps to Perfection

FIFA Coaching - Three Steps to Perfection

'Professional FIFA coaching? Wow. Does that even exist? What do you guys do?'

We get that question a lot. Most people understand that professional football clubs analyze their own players, team, and opponents. The more you know, the better you can prepare. However, when it comes to FIFA - a lot of people have a different opinion.

'It's just a game, right?'

No, it's not. Well, technically it is a game. But we don't treat it that way. Over the past two years, we have developed our own method to improve our talents. It took some time, but it has certainly shown its' worth. 

Team Gullit started off as a small organization with three relatively unknown players, and that was back at the start of 2018. In the meantime we have achieved the following list of things:

  • Winner FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup 3.
  • Winner FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup 4.
  • Two players in the TOP-10 of the FIFA Global Series Leaderboards.
  • Champion of the eDivisie, the highest level in The Netherlands.
  • TOP-4 in the first-ever eChampions League.
  • 123x TOP-100 in the Weekend League.

How? We have developed the 'Three Steps to Perfection'.


This is where we start off. We have got quite a selection procedure for what games fit this best. We want it to be a recent game. We want it to be a loss. And, we want it to be a game where the player was completely focused.

Once a game fits all of the checkboxes, we're ready to roll. 

We analyze the game just like a 'video analyst' would do in real life football. It's the small things that make the difference. In order to have a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses, we write all of our findings down in a document.


Once the analysis has been completed, it's time to schedule a session with the talent. Most of the times this online session takes place on Skype. It's a free-to-use way to have a call and it has an option to share screens with each other. 

The coach and the talent chat while taking a look at the game and specific situations that need addressing. Our goal is to highlight moments that don't go as they should. We try to find a solution to make sure this moment will not happen again.

Besides, we try to highlight situations that do go well.


Because it's something that the player has already done. If you have done it once, it is easier to perform it another time.


After having discussed the game with our talents, it's time to translate the situations into a detailed training program. 

You do get better by grinding games, but it is not the most effective way of improving. Do you struggle with a certain aspect of FIFA? We will provide a tailor-made schedule that will effectively help you improve at that aspect of FIFA. 

This schedule will most likely cover a couple of weeks, where the talents constantly focus on this particular aspect of their FIFA-game. Once we've improved this thing, we find a new aspect that needs developing.

Are you struggling with finishing in FIFA 21?

Don't grind Division Rivals and focus on improving your finishing. Grind the shooting skill games. Do it time after time and learn to hit the green timing every single time. Once you score at least 90% of the chances you get, you are ready to use it in Division Rivals.


Do you want to experience our method yourself?

Make sure to check out our coaching sessions!