Finishing Guide: How to Finish Your Goals - FIFA Tutorial

Finishing Guide: How to Finish Your Goals - FIFA Tutorial

Finishing. One of the most important skills in FIFA.

Are you struggling with finishing your dinner? We’ve got you covered!

Expect to learn more about the different types of shots, as well as situations in which you’ll need to use these.

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Finesse shot

Let's start with this year’s finesse shots. We call it ‘this year’s’ because every year the effectiveness of certain shots changes. The finesse in the game this year is good, but we’re not fully convinced. Especially the lower-tier players struggle with finishing these effectively. You can score some, as shown in the example with Gameiro but they aren’t consistent.

The most important thing is to open up the body, to create the ideal situation for the finesse shot. In this example, his body is opening up so you can curve it into the far corner. This is one of the few angles to consistently score your finesses. In most other positions, you can’t fully rely on this technique. It’s inconsistent, and that is something you shouldn’t want.

Power shot

Up next, we have the power shot. Power shots are crazy good this year. You don’t necessarily need a 5* weak foot either. In other FIFA’s, we were obsessed with having the 5*. Not the case anymore. You can do these with nearly all players right now.

Considering placement: you can do them both near post and far post. Over all, far post is slightly better but it depends on the position and the goalkeeper positioning. When your opponent moves his goalkeeper manually, near post is overpowered. There is no way of saving that.

Usually, you want to have at least two full bars of power for these shots.

Driven Finish

The driven finish was probably the most overpowered thing in FIFA 18 and 19, but it’s nowhere near as effective right now. We can waste a lot of words on this one, but you should stay away from this one. Don’t use driven finishes.


Chips are good this year. They have been accurate in previous FIFA’s, but they got buffed. It feels like more chips go in and it tricks the goal keeper a lot more often than before. In previous FIFA’s, these were solid as long as they were performed far from the goal, but this year they can be used closer to the goal as well. Especially when you’re really close to the goal keeper.

Timed shots

In other FIFA’s, timing was a big part of finishing your dinner. Not anymore. There is no need to time your shots anymore. The difference it makes doesn’t weigh up to the possibly timing wrong and blowing your chances. 

A fun fact is that in some regions professional FIFA players still use timed shots, so it might differ across regions. For us, this is not the way to go.

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