Team Gullit Merchandise Pants - Off Pitch
Off-Pitch Pants - Team Gullit
Off-Pitch Pants - Team Gullit

Off-Pitch Pants

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These are the official Team Gullit Off-Pitch Pants. One of our collection's classics. The Off-Pitch Pants are made of lightweight material and feature an elastic waist with drawcord, handy side pockets and a pocket at the back with a zipper. The pants are the to-go for all of our players.

The Off-Pitch Pants are suited for all different kinds of purposes. Whether you're going to the gym, grab a game of FUT Champions or stay in for the night, these are your best friends! Make sure to combine it with the Off-Pitch Jacket in order to elevate your game even more.

Our collection was made in collaboration with Robey Sportswear. Ever since the foundation of Robey in 1947, Robey has been successfully building its’ reputation: supplier of quality sportswear, stylish designs, and personality.

Tips & Tricks – These go well with both our Off-Pitch Jacket & Official Jersey. Mix & Match.