Front Picture - Team Gullit Official Jersey
Side Picture - Team Gullit Official Jersey
Back Picture - Team Gullit Official Jersey

Official Team Gullit Jersey

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Our first-ever Official Team Gullit Jersey. This jersey is exactly the same as worn by our talents at national and international tournaments. Not kidding, it might actually be the reason they won all these trophies.

The Team Gullit Jersey was integrated into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and was part of the FIFA Global Series campaign. 

Our collection was made in collaboration with Robey Sportswear. Ever since the foundation of Robey in 1947, Robey has been successfully building its’ reputation: supplier of quality sportswear, stylish designs, and personality.

Tips & Tricks - Wear this during FUT Champions and you'll get one rank higher than you usually get. Guaranteed. 

Size Chart

When in doubt, order one size bigger. The jerseys may fit slightly smaller than your usual size.


Chest in cm (inches)

Waist in cm (inches)

Hips in cm (inches)


93-97 (36½-38)

81-86 (32-34)

91-95 (36-37½)


97-101 (38-40)

86-91 (34-36)

95-99 (37½-39)


101-105 (40-41)

91-96 (36-38)

99-103 (39-40½)


105-109 (41-43)

96-101 (38-40)

103-107 (40½-42)


109-113 (43-44½)

101-106 (40-42)

107-111 (42-44)