Finishing Guide: How to Finish Your Goals - FIFA Tutorial

Finishing. One of the most important skills in FIFA. Are you struggling with finishing your dinner? We’ve got you covered! Expect to learn more about the different types of shots, as well as situations in which you’ll need to use these. Watch the video that belongs to this guide at our YouTube channel, or embedded on our website right here!  Finesse shot Let's start with this year’s finesse shots. We call it ‘this year’s’ because every year the effectiveness of certain shots changes. The finesse in the game this year is good, but we’re not fully convinced. Especially the lower-tier players struggle with finishing these effectively. You can score some, as shown in the example with Gameiro but they aren’t consistent. The...

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FIFA Coaching - Three Steps to Perfection

'Professional FIFA coaching? Wow. Does that even exist? What do you guys do?' We get that question a lot. Most people understand that professional football clubs analyze their own players, team, and opponents. The more you know, the better you can prepare. However, when it comes to FIFA - a lot of people have a different opinion. 'It's just a game, right?' No, it's not. Well, technically it is a game. But we don't treat it that way. Over the past two years, we have developed our own method to improve our talents. It took some time, but it has certainly shown its' worth.  Team Gullit started off as a small organization with three relatively unknown players, and that was back at the start of 2018. In...

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